Monday, May 29, 2017

Discovering Restaurants in Hatfield, Pretoria.

In our recent visit to south Africa ,we visited Hatfield ,Pretoria which is a hub for students .It has everything from the University of Pretoria ,plazas ,hotels ,residences and most of all an influx of restaurants .In the street there are more than 15 restaurants including big names such as kfc,burger king ,pizza hut ,dominoes and other south African restaurants such as Barcelos ,spur to mention a few.

Since here at Amaris lifestyle we are lovers of good food and also decor .We decided to go to these restaurants and do a quick survey of what they offer and their decor to share with our readers.
Starting with Capital P which offers traditional pizza,pastas and paninis.

From the outside when you pass by this restaurant , you will just be moved to get inside and find out what they have to offer .There is a big red sign that is very eye catching.

 There is also some window stickers  that explain what they offer and what to expect before you get inside .

Since Hatfield is a student hub , there is a big sign outside of 10% off to students when they brig a student card .A very good idea since students love discounts.

When you get to the inside , you are moved to just sit down and order everything they have to offer in the menu .

 The inside has a rustic/modern feel to it with copper lights and both high and normal chairs to sit .

 It is a great setting not only for business meetings ,chill out sessions but also working since it provides a very quiet and relaxing environment to do what is required to do.

 There s a big menu board that displays all the items available and you have an option to pick your pasta from Spaghetti to Ravioli ,a very unique idea.

Photos taken by my us .
Other restaurants will be discussed in upcoming posts .

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