Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cosmetics Brands for Black Women

From our research and experience selling cosmetics ,we found out that most women use cosmetics brands that are not catered to their skin. With this in mind ,we researched about brands that specifically cater for black skin and as a result ,we came up with the following list.


IMAN Cosmetics by super model Iman, are designed for Black and other multicultural women with skin tones in  a myriad of shades.They offer skin care and cosmetics,including 16 foundation shades.

Black Up

Black up is a cosmetics brand originating from France dedicated to women of colour .It answers the specific needs of darker skin tones and complexions to provide products of proffessional quality.

Fashion fair

Fashion Fair is a household name when it comes to cosmetics for those with mocha-toned skin. The brand's foundations take into account not just darker shades, but also the wide range of undertones that come with darker shades. 

Aj Crimson

This brand was created out of necessity.The creator Aj says he wanted to create a product for women of colour that really worked and not the normal one fits all cosmetics.
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Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture cosmetics provides natural, high-quality products at a price point that gives everyone a chance at “a better way to be beautiful.The highly pigmented product line includes: CC cream, lip stain, lip crayon, wet/dry eye shadow, mineral blush, bronzer, pressed powder and concealer.

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