Thursday, March 23, 2017

Marjorie X Lori Harvey Fashion Duo

Marjorie Harvey of the Ladies Love Couture, 
and wife of Steve Harvey  and her daughter Lori Harvey are gaining traction in the fashion world because of their daring  styles .It may seem that they are in some sorts of a street runway that no one got a memo of. 

Most of the pieces they wear in a normal circumstance will leave you confused of how one can rock them and if they are actually ready to wear pieces.But when they rock them ,you see them come to life and keep asking yourself ,how do they pull it off??.

Hands down ,we think this is the most stylish mother daughter duo in the world.There is too much class and sass in them most of all there styles blend really well together .

 Image Sources  : marjorie_harvey  and lori_harvey

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